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Moisture infiltration is one of the greatest long term threats to buildings and their occupants. As seen in recent hurricane events from Katrina to Sandy, large scale flooding and roof failure cause massive property damage and may even endanger lives.

Yet most often it is the after-effects of these major events, along with small, unnoticed water leaks that present long term danger. Leaks from exterior sheathing, or around windows and doors can allow water to seep into wall cavities. Or the condensation of humid air from inside or outside the building can allow moisture problems to build up in outside walls. Insulation and vapor barriers can keep this unwelcome moisture from escaping in a timely manner. Soon enough the building faces threats from decay and pests, while the occupants may suffer respiratory issues due to mold and fungus growth. Energy is wasted as the building's ventilation systems have to make up for the energy lost through wet walls and ceilings.

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